A Progress Update on the Book

 Letting Love Flow--A History of 150-Year-Old Grace Baptist (Baptist Temple)--The Church That Founded Temple University

Today I submitted proposals to five book publishers. I'd like to pop that bottle in celebration, but until one of them says, yes, we're interested, I think I'll wait.

I'd hoped to have more blogs along the way, but I had pages to write. And pages to edit. And argh, pages to revise, edit some more.

I included this photo to share what my reading has looked like lately. My undergraduate degree was in psychology, and my master's degree was in business, so in addition to book-related research, I thought I needed to fill in the gaps, if you will, with some books on writing.

Celebrate this milestone with me--the proposal submissions!

Until I get the book in your hands, I'll share a few quotes from the book:

We're more, so much more, than a church that just gets together on Sunday mornings.--Natalie Glantz

Missions are part of the church's DNA. It started Temple University as a mission; it started a hospital as a mission. Definitely, a strong DNA of the church is missions.--Betty Helpa

What a wonderful life that would be in which there had been no lost moments--no lost good deeds--Rev. Russell H. Conwell

No matter what happens tomorrow, I know God's love for me is consistent. I am always good enough and it is only by God's grace that I am saved. I am thankful for this church and the relationships we have developed.--Irene Philips

I believe I experience the true meaning of Christianity at Grace Baptist--Ola Ige

I've been in the same house for 20 years, married to the same woman for 36 years, and go to the same church for 20 years. That's how it goes.--Jeff Ledbetter

Help us to be your people, help us to be people of faith. Help us to add our names to the heroes of faith, so that one day it might be said, that Grace Baptist had faith by following you.--Rev. Steve Crane

God never intended us to use prayer as a substitute for working intelligence.--Martin Luther King, Jr., from Baptist Temple's pulpit August 4, 1965

The best New Year's resolution I can think of is to spend more time with your creator.--Youth Pastor Brady Rennix

The exciting thing is the church can write its own future; we get to be co-authors with God of the future, if we embrace the opportunities and responsibilities of it, and walk by faith and trust God.--Rev. David Braneky


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